Online resource for turtlenecks/polo necks information and related links

Online resource for turtlenecks/polo necks information and related links


Welcome to, your foremost website for information on the latest trends in turtleneck fashions. Here you will find out a bit about turtleneck history and some of the trends with regards to them. If you are already a turtleneck aficionado then feel free to jump straight to our store where you can find some great turtleneck fashions.

The original turtlenecks were worn on heavy sweaters as a counter to cold weather. Now turtlenecks refer to the style of clothing with a high neck. These days you find this style on pretty much every type of clothing, including warm weather specialties like crop tops!

Most people feel that turtlenecks really are just cold weather specialties but you can find some really good looking items of clothing that include turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks or polo necked articles. These styles don’t really apply specifically to one gender but have a wide variety of clothing articles for either gender.

You will even find that bathing suit, ballet suit, or underwater apparel have different types of turtleneck style necks which are both functional for their purpose and fashionable. You will also see short sleeve and long sleeve turtlenecks on the market. There are two different types of turtlenecks on the market today, the mock turtleneck and the true turtleneck that has extra fabric and folds up around your neck.

It is actually hard to say where turtlenecks started. You see them in older style photos all over the place. The one thing we know for sure is that they were fashionable for those who lived in colder climates or had to work outdoors in the cold. That is why you see a lot of sailors wearing turtlenecks in the pictures. Since it became part of the uniform for sailors it gained popularity among all people.

The first fashion trend that displays turtlenecks was in the 1920s. Many famous people started wearing them publicly, and as is the habit of the public, they started emulating the celebrities. The 1950s there was again another fashion trend involving turtlenecks. Audrey Hepburn wore them in her movies and made them wildly popular across the country. Through our fashion history since then you can see turtleneck and mock turtleneck styles going in and out of fashion.

When it comes to wearing turtlenecks, you will find 3 different ways of doing so. The mock turtleneck just reaches your neck and comes in close. There isn’t extra fabric in it to go further than your neck. These are really good for turtlenecks on warm weather clothes.

Real turtlenecks have two different styles, one is the tight fitting turtleneck that has enough cloth to reach your ears and beyond, when it folds down, the fabric still fits snuggly around your neck. Men generally have this style of turtleneck. The other style is a looser fabric around the neck that you can bring up and fold around your face for a dramatic style. When this is folded around your neck, you end up with some loosely folded fabric around your neck.

What are the advantages of a turtleneck? Well there is the obvious; it’s just warmer when it’s cold out! You also wear them for fashion reasons; tight fitting turtlenecks tend to show off a well toned body well. And for those of us not inclined to spend all our free hours in the gym, a loose fitting turtleneck will go a long way to hiding the parts of you that you want to hide!

So now you know a few ways to wear and choose turtleneck, visit our store to see all our different articles of clothing that have different style necks.

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    ‘Seeking practical suggestions to re-tighten a turtleneck that’s stretched/sags around my neck.

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    Few tops can warm you as effectively and they look good to boot :)

    Cashmere, thin ribbed polonecks and cotton skivvies ( turtleneck shirt ) are my preferences.

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